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The fanfare about voice search has been growing up back when, introduced around a decade ago, from the time when users were required to dial a number and stating their search queries.

It has easily crossed the verge of early users.

Voice has achieved success as it is more comfortable for a handler to speak with an assistant than to type. The results of voice queries are also accurate and faster.

We are in a world where devices like Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri are becoming the median. The thought of being able to call out smart devices for any activity fascinates individuals today.

Moreover, it is extending outside the home and into the pockets of individuals who want to take this technology with them everywhere. Mobile devices like smartphones are not just for calling, texting, and scrolling through Social Media anymore. Now you can find information about local businesses through voice search.

50% of all searches are expected to be voice searches by 2020. It is essential for businesses to optimize their websites for voice search. Doing so will not only help boost traffic to their websites but help sustain the upcoming trends. 

Here are a few indicators which show that voice search is the future. 

  • Voice labs found that, 33 million voice-first devices were inflow.
  • Survey of SEO trends for 2018 and beyond, voice search raised up-to-the third position

With the rise in the use of digital assistants, optimization for voice search is a must to your SEO success.

Presently, the market for voice search has expanded into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. Which includes the biggest companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple, all competing

The impact it has on search engine optimization (SEO) suggests that it affects everyone and anyone on the internet. 

Why Is Voice Search Significant For SEO in 2019?

We’re going to take a look at why voice search marketing is so important. How you can optimize your strategy towards it. These are a few major reasons why businesses should be looking into vocalization as part of their marketing plans.

Voice Search and Devices are Mounting 

While still in its early years, voice search is doing remarkable things, both on home and mobile devices.

It will not limit to answer questions or directing consumers to the website. But it will also complete human tasks as well. For example, there may come a time when voice search assistants will be able to make you a reservation to your favorite restaurant, schedule an appointment with your hairstylist, or even personally answer retail questions regarding the inventory, discounts, price, or shipping status of products as though you were talking to a human.

It is likely that the markets for smart devices that include voice search will only continue to develop and add momentum.

With voice search assistants providing better results. You can expect more people to rely on voice searches to get the job done.

Not to mention, voice searches are proving to be more accessible for those who need voice dictation software, and who have trouble surfing the internet for information.

Advanced Technology

Google revealed its next big thing: Google Duplex.

This latest AI-driven phone-based system is designed to give your customers a way to have a real-life talk with computers in order to get things done. And, since consumers are always looking for quicker and easier ways for their needs, It will further raise how we use voice command.

Consumer Demand

Voice search gratify people’s need for immediate satisfaction. It makes things more handy, faster to access, and convenient for those times when people want to have an answer to their question right away but is doing something else like shopping, eating, or even working out.

As you can see, people across all device types are already performing searches to find out about local businesses.

By optimizing for voice, you open up your business to many new prospects. Not to mention, you meet the rising needs of people to have your business information readily available on a voice command.

Keywords for Voice Searches are Different

A business using search engine optimization must consider that when people use voice search they tend to use different languages and phrases for their queries. When people actually type something in, particularly on their smartphones, they usually keep the search pretty short. Typically a typed in the search would be as short as possible.

Whereas with voice command devices, people tend to say longer phrases out loud because it requires less effort than typing and they can get more specific results. It is expected that an individual is more likely to ask a longer question such as “Where can I get the best salon deals” instead of just typing “salon deals”. People often ask things in the form of a question when using voice searches because they expect it to respond like a human.

Stronger Search Intent

One of the things that marketers are trying to identify is the precise intent of the user when they are looking for particular information. With physically typing two words for a search can make it tough to figure out the person’s intent in their search. With voice searches, people tend to show much precise intent that can be easily understood by the web crawler and ultimately benefits marketers as well as the customer. 

Local Businesses Benefit the Most of Voice Search

SEO is optimized for location, while voice searches more often include terms such as “near me” or “nearby”. Resulting in a lot of business to local stores. Mobile voice search is actually three times more likely to be used to find local companies than through text searches. A business with a local physical presence tends to benefit the most from optimizing for voice search.

Faster Response, Faster Results

One of the reasons people are inclined to favor voice searches when they are on the go is so they can get a quick answer and take instant actions. This is a great opportunity for businesses that want to convert customers. And are able to get to the top of voice search results. People searching might prefer you for the product or service they want. In addition without spending too much time comparing and assessing other websites.

As long as you have a listing on sites like your hours, location and phone number you can get customers who need your services immediately.

Marketing for voice searches can help businesses run into a lot of opportunities. It is going to be more important as people adjust to new devices that focus on voice command.

 Make sure to integrate voice search in your digital marketing and SEO plan to get the finest results. Let us help you with Voice Search Optimization 

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