Complete Guide on How to make money on Instagram

how to make money on social media platforms like Instagram

Easy tips and tricks to make money from widely used Social Media Instagram. 

From trading products to holding your followers to drive purchasing order, there are many ways to make money on social media platforms. 

Instagram is one of the most widely used online platforms and has visually appealing content. Hence, it persists to provide brands and businesses with an opportunity for utmost visibility. 

Usually, the toughest bit is simply getting started. However, we’re here to provide you with easy tips and tricks to make money using Instagram. 

How to make money on Instagram?

Instagram, what was simply a photo-sharing app originally, now has become one of the top social media platforms in just 7 years. 

It has briskly doubled its user base in the past two years to approx 700 million users. Its growth has burst since it introduced Instagram Stories. In recent years, Instagram’s endless feeds of attractive pictures have advanced into something between glossy magazines, your friend’s taste, and a shopping network.

People are addicted to Instagram. It’s one of the most popular ways to share photos, especially among the millennials. Also, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Instagram now is the platform of aspiration and inspiration for all its users. 

I assume you are using Instagram to engage with your friends. But you want to start using Instagram effectively. You want to generate revenue using Instagram just like others. Well, now is an excellent time to cash in on its booming popularity and get ROI through Instagram. 

So, firstly you can’t just write cute captions and start posting pictures of your daily routine. This undoubtedly would impress your friends, but if you are looking to make money, here are easy tips and strategies. 

To begin with, the first step would be to Attract Followers. 

First Ask yourself: What your following should be like? 

You should know from the beginning that all brands will look for a sturdy and trusted following in order to build a working partnership. If you’re lacking in this wing, there are a few simple ways you can grow your followers whilst building a professional profile on IG. 

  • Identify your purpose and audience and write your bio with all the right information: This covers your contact details, what are your posts about and where you’re from. Add in a few keywords and also a couple of hashtags. It will ensure you’re easily findable by the right type of followers. 
  • Post regularly: To multiply numbers, you will have to post quality content. It is expected to post several images every day. However, If you can’t commit to many posts, then just make sure you are posting one quality content every day. Also, you have to make sure that it should not be annoying for your followers. 

  • Use quality photos: Make certain your images are of the best quality with appealing effects. There’s no point posting a worn-out image, so take your time to make sure you are producing one of the highest quality. 

  • Use relevant hashtags: It’s doubtful your images are going to travel very far without relevant hashtags. Get acquainted yourself with the best ones to do with your field of interest and make sure you are including them in every single post. It’s important that each post has hashtags according to the image content.

  • Engage with your followers: You cannot bank on all interactions to come straight to you. Make sure to engage with the followers every single day or anyone related in your industry via commenting on and liking images. If you commute with authentic content, people will be drawn to check out your account and, hopefully, add up your loyal rank of followers.

Okay, so now that you have boomed your followers, it’s time to start making money.

How to make money on Instagram

Trick 1 – Find Sponsors and Create a Sponsored Post 

Instagram users with good followings can bank extra money by creating authentic sponsored content for brands.

Certainly, mend of sponsored content on Instagram is a photo or video that enlights a product or a specific brand.

Brands don’t particularly need a formal brand ambassadorship for a composer of sponsored content, but it’s usual for them to wire influencers for content again.

Most noteworthy, it’s vital that any brands or products you promote are a perfect fit for your own profile on Instagram.

Trick 2 – Sell your Content

The clear one. Why not use Instagram for one sole purpose? To showcase your content ( photography, designing, etc) 

If you’re a professional, Instagram is a perfect way to market and sell your content to either individuals or agencies. You can add a watermark to your posts and use the captions to list all selling details in a precise way.

In a nutshell, the initial step is crucial. You should make sure that you have an involved presence so that the right type of profiles are following you. 

Trick 3 – Promote your Business, Products or Services. 

There are many opportunities for you to share sponsored posts that promote the products and services of other businesses. However,  If you have your own business, then Instagram needs to hold an essential place in your marketing strategy.

If you sell products, use IG to create beautiful content that can’t be found on your website. Here are a few innovative ideas to promote your products or services:

  • Behind the Scenes. “Behind the scenes” images are highly trending – picture gorgeous video of the processing of a food recipe, jewelry being pieced together or DIY remedies. It’s attracting and it looks realistic. Also,  people love that.

  • Your customers’ photos. Get customers to share their images of your products and re-post. This is a confirmed successful method of selling and would make a great success to your account. It also calls for you to start up your own personalized hashtag which you can then use to promote all your customers.

  • Exclusive offers + Infographics. You can also market your services through infographics and exclusive offers. Using Instagram to market special offers is also a great way to increase engagement. 

The blazing thing about using Instagram to market your business is you can get creative with it. You start thinking outside the box and really use it to your full benefit. 

This is a very easy way of earning money from Instagram.

But, if you don’t have a large following, this may not be of much help. You also have to cautious of over-promoting products for want of money, because if your followers see that you’re continuously posting about one product or another, not only will they not click on the links, they will also unfollow you.

It’s important to blend things up. It’s smart to take time to create a proper social media post calendar. It will make sure you’re adding value to your followers. Call to action has to be a part of social media strategy, however, every post can’t be a call to action.

To conclude: 

These are just some of the many ways you can make money with Instagram; there is plenty of other Social Media for you to explore.

It’s essential to keep in mind that making money on social media isn’t very easy. If you have a sporty spirit and are inclined to work hard, try and experiment, your chances at success will be far greater than the chances of those who just want to “Give it a try” to check if this fits them.