You will always hear one thing from digital marketers and that’s “Content is King”. If all of them agrees to this fact then there must be something about content marketing, right? Let’s unravel it’s potential and know why content marketing is important for your business.

What is content marketing?

Content is the core of the Digital Marketing World.

Content marketing is a technique through which content creators provide useful, informative, and interesting content to the targeted audience. By consistently distributing the relevant information, the audience will find value in the content (not directly related to the product/service) and become loyal to the brand without even displaying the product. This will eventually land into profitable action.

To understand it in a simpler way, let’s take an example. There is a women’s fashion apparel website that also has valuable blogs on fashion and trends. My sister has signed up for a newsletter because the relevant fashion blogs interest her. She became a regular follower of their website. Here, you are not pitching your prospects or customer to buy your products and services, instead, you are providing them with relevant content. In this way, the brand has build customer loyalty and retention. 

Types Of Content Marketing

Content has evolved with the passage of time and is not limited to any specific form. To get more out of it, you have to churn out all the forms at its best to help your brand stand out.

Initially, text-based content was the primary option. In 2019, visual/video content is playing a major role to get your message clear, loud and fast, if you hit the right chord. Nonetheless, content is important, be it in any form. 

Content can be categorized into four main types

  1. Textual content (Blogs,)
  2. Visual Content (Pictures, Infographics, Gifs) 
  3. Audio Content  (Podcast)
  4. Video Content 

Choosing the right content or the mix of content types can make a huge difference. It will drive profitable customer actions and revenue.

Which brands use content marketing?

You must be thinking, whether your brand needs content marketing? Or which kind of brands fall into the category of content marketing? The answer to it is every brand, from a leading one(multi-billion dollar brand) to a shop in the corner of your street. 

Now, the question arises that why the leading brands need it?

They have loyal customers. They have already carved their name in the industry.

Why they need content marketing? It is because there is aggressive and neck to neck competition in every field. They need to be in the eye of their target audience every time.

Content Marketing

To sustain in the industry they have to efficiently market themselves using all forms of marketing (offline or online) for which good content is obligatory. Because it might have been difficult for the brands to get there in the top position but it is even harder to stay there. Otherwise, none would have invested once they have created a name for themselves.

Small businesses strive for growth. Digital marketing can do wonders for a business with good potential. Through marketing amazing content they can reach their targeted audience easily in a short span. This will help them get more leads and growth in their business.

Content Marketing Services for Small Business in Ahmedabad

This shows content marketing is definitely effective and to grow faster everyone needs to implement it optimally.

Boon for small brands in the digital age.

Back then, it was a dream for small brands to get recognized. It was the time of sky-high costly T.V commercials. And evidently, wasn’t feasible to everyone. They are still today but you have got equivalent options. With great content, you can easily boost your brand online on different platforms. To search for our requirements, Google is all we do and answer to every question is on our fingertips. This is advantageous to the local as well as international brands. They get searched and it wasn’t this easy any day in the past. Social media is another big thing that has the power to spread the content at rocket speed. 

Hence, your brand becomes easily identifiable by leveraging great content using proper digital marketing techniques.

Marketing doesn’t exist without content

Moral of the story is, if you want growth or create a leading brand in your domain or want to sustain your reputation, you need to be consistently visible. Well, being there and having an online presence is not enough. To ensure your goal is accomplished you must market “exclusive” content, otherwise, the growth which your product and service deserve will not be achieved. Yes, content is very important and that is why content marketing!

You need to constantly evolve and change your marketing strategies with the current trends of the industry. Otherwise, be it a strong brand or a start-up, your brand will be lost in a sea of hundreds of emerging companies every day. One can relate this with how Apple with its innovative marketing strategies beats the technology giant IBM. IBM took the marketing lightly and just relied upon its brand name.

We would love to answer your queries regarding content marketing. Also, let us know if we miss out on anything that can be helpful to others. We are an expert digital and content marketing company in Ahmedabad.


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